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Be it a holiday, a visit to the native place or an official excursion, travelling by the train has its own charm. Travelling by train required days of planning earlier, because the reservation of seats was not an easy task, with minimal sources of booking tickets, long queues at the reservation counter, the sulky staffs at those counter and shrewd agents have always spoilt the whole flavor of a trip.

A seat by the window has always fascinated passengers young and old. And with passing years and boom in the IT industry has also given way to improved means of railway seat reservation with various sites offering information on train seat availability.

Indian Railways Seat Availability The official website of the Indian Railways is first and foremost the reliable source of seat reservation. One can view trains that are available on suitable dates and timings of the passengers.

Travelling by trains in India has always been a cheap way of travelling; be it for smaller distances or between far off cities and places. Thus most passengers choose trains for their journeys, however there are different classes of seats and coaches one can travel in-like the AC 1st class; Second class AC; Third class AC and the Sleeper class without AC.

Reservation in any of these classes can be easily made by visiting the IRCTC website which provides all possible information a passenger can ask for. The site works pretty quick and checking of tickets and reservation is made in really fast. A print out of E-Ticket can be easily made which is accepted by the TT in the trains. Thus with internet facilities reservation of seats has become really easy and it seems an E-Rail in India is not far behind.

Applauds to the Indian Rail system for its timely updating of status and hassle free service!

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